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- About us -

          Welcome to East Africa's first craft distillery.

Founded in 2014 by two gentlemen with a love of fine whisky, stunning views and a strong sense of pride in working with local communities, 1000 Hills Distillery was born. But like most great ideas, originally they thought of starting a vineyard, but lucky for us, they thought better!

To be honest, it's a challenge to find high quality ingredients, but one of the reasons we chose Rwanda in addition to the amazing resilience of the country is that we could source materials locally, thus supporting micro and small businesses.    

Since our beginning we come to produce six unique Made in Rwanda, triple distilled liquors, a Coffee Liqueur, Vodka, Light Spiced Rum, London Dry Gin, Macadamia Nut Liqueur and Single Malt Whisky! In addition, we also produce a variety of infused coffees with our liquors!

Unlike most alcohol companies, social impact is at the heart of the company! Throughout our triple distillation process, we have a number of by-products. For instance, we've teamed up with leading international development agencies in Rwanda which are offering technical training to small holder farmers so they can use our distillers' residues to increase their crop and livestock production. Not to mention, we work closely with local government to use the Methanol by-product to make a low-cost mosquito repellent. Our goal is to try and help as many people as we can with what we have.

Shall, we go on that we're a 'green company' too? Well, we harvest close to 1.5 million liters of rainwater a year to produce our fine liquors. To learn more, book a guided Distillery Tour to experience it all!

Anyone that has traveled knows that craft distilleries go hand in hand with an onsite cocktail bar and bistro, with ours appropriately named 'The Distillery' that is exclusively supplied with our own distilled products and serves meat and vegetables from the farmers that we supply our distillers' residues to!​

From all of us at 1000 Hills Distillery, ​please enjoy responsibly.

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